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Safety First

My First Friends is a purpose-built nursery, every detail and aspect of safety has been taken into consideration. From finger guards on doors and sockets to the strictest control on nursery access. The nursery has a bio metric finger print system installed which supports the already existing procedures in keeping children safe. The interior has been designed to offer children both a stimulating and safe environment to learn and play in. With child-friendly low-level windows and tailor-made furniture, we ensure your child is safe and comfortable from the moment they arrive. The ratio of children to carer is strictly adhered to, and regular health and safety inspections are undertaken to ensure no aspect of care has been overlooked. We follow a strict Health and Safety “Bible”, to ensure we meet the highest legal requirements. In addition, Health and Safety training for all staff is provided on a regular basis, and our Food and Kitchen Safety Manual sets out stringent policies and procedures for food safety.

My First Friends nursery staff are trained in both first aid and paediatric first aid. In the event that your child requires prescribed medication, we have strict guidelines and recording procedures which are adhered to.

As part of our aim to maintain a safe and secure environment for children to learn and develop within, we have a wide range of security resources including photographs, passwords and a Bio metric finger print system in place. Any parents and named persons allowed to collect a child will have their finger print on file and will be able to access the setting at the times their child is booked into nursery. We have also have manual control over the system and reserve the right to suspend and delete finger prints form the system should we feel this necessary action. We are one of only a few nurseries who have adopted this new system which at present has been extremely effective.