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Pre School (3 - 5 years)


In Preschool the children are aged between 3-5 years although we will always consider the individual needs and stage of development of the child.

We feel that our role at this stage is to provide rich learning environments, opportunities and resources to encourage all areas of learning in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and to support the children in the preparation for school.

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The children are encouraged to be independent, make their own choices, take safe risks and develop friendships with their peers.

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Over all the children are provided with opportunities to become confident, independent individuals ready to embrace the journey of education ahead of them.

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Within the preschool room the children have access to ICT equipment including two interactive white boards which the children can access to support their writing skills, drawing and play interactive games that support the children’s learning and development.

The children in preschool have direct access to the outdoor area to encourage the children to free flow between indoor and outdoor activities.

We have an external language teacher who comes into Preschool once a week, the children are currently learning basic French and in the past the children have received Spanish sessions too. 

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