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My First Friends Transition Policy 3.25

Transition into the setting

When a child starts at the nursery we are aware of how difficult this can be both for the child and for the parents/carers. We provide new children with 3 settling in session in the nursery of 1 hour each to help the children/parents/carers become familiar with the practitioners and the nursery environment. These sessions can be extended at the discretion of the company should it be considered that the child requires more support during this transition time


During these sessions the parents and carers will have the opportunity to spend some time in the room with the child to reassure the child and meet the practitioners in the room, but also some time out of the room with a practitioner to run through any concerns they may have and to complete the key person pack.  The Key person pack includes all information we would need to know about the child and their needs.


During this time we also discuss with the parent/carer the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and how we use it in the setting. This is a statutory framework in place that supports the provision of activities and opportunities enabling practitioners to further the children’s learning and development.


We take this opportunity to also discuss with the parents and carers the importance of working together in partnership, highlighting the benefits and the positive impact this has on the children’s learning and development.

Transition from room to room.

We understand how difficult it can be for children to move from one room to another as they progress through the nursery. We have in place a set of procedures below, that are followed within the setting, to ensure this process is as smooth as possible, for both the children, their parents and carers;


  • Speak to the Parent/Guardian when the child is ready to move into the next group. Discuss with them how the transition will be implemented i.e. trials in their new room etc and alleviate any concerns they may have about this process.
  • Once it has been agreed that the child will be moving into the next group, the parents will receive a letter confirming the date the child will be moving, and advising them that the child’s trials will take place over the next few weeks. (This is dependent on the child and we will ensure that the trial sessions meet the needs of the children)
  • The trials will take place dependent on the individual child and how they are finding the trials; they may require either short trials each day or, 2-3 afternoon or morning sessions across the week. The amount of trials the child receives is based on how the individual child manages this transition.
  • Prior to the child moving rooms it is the responsibility of the child’s key person and the Room Leader in that room to ensure that the following paperwork and information is completed and passed on to the child’s new room;
    1. Children’s learning journeys and development records are up to date
    2. A moving up questionnaire has been completed with the Parent/Carer
    3. All information from the checklist, Special Diets form, are updated and passed on alongside the child’s key person interview pack
    4. A completed transition form highlighting the areas of development the children are currently working at.


Transition from nursery to school

Once the children are approaching school age and getting ready to move on from the nursery to the next step of their educational journey in primary school, we have the following procedures in place to recognise this significant point in their life;

  • The Transitional Coordinator plans a school transition awareness evening for parents and carers discussing what will be happening over the next few months and where possible answering any questions they may have about their child’s journey from nursery to school.
  • The Transitional Coordinator in the setting finds out what school each child is going to be attending and ensures we have all dates of when the children will be leaving to ensure we are appropriately prepared for this transition.
  • All reception teachers from these schools are invited into the setting to meet with the child’s key person and discuss the children’s learning and development. They also have the opportunity to see the children in the nursery environment and how they engage with their peers in an environment that is familiar to them.
  • Each key person completes their child’s transition forms which are then photocopied and copies are given to the parent/Carer, the child’s Reception class teacher and a copy is retained in the nursery in the children’s file.
  • As a setting we hold a graduation ceremony for the children, and their families to acknowledge and celebrate all the adventures they have had and the adventures they will go on to have in their new school.