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We just wanted to say a really big thank you to all of the staff who have looked after Ellie throughout her years at nursery. She has turned into a beautiful, confident and talkative little girl, which, in part, is due to the care and nurturing that she has received whilst at nursery. We know that she will miss you all very much. 
Mrs Goddard 

To all of My First Friends, Thank you for helping me get through everything (all of my illnesses), helping me learn and have lots of confidence. I will miss you all so much and I'm very sad to be leaving you all. 
Miss Grant  

To all my Pre-school teachers, Thank you for making pre-school so much fun. I will miss you all so much. Lots of love from Emily. 

To all Finley's teachers that have worked along side him in his pre-school year, Thank you for making his nursery experience a great one. He has had an amazing time. To all the staff at My First Friends. 
Miss Mitchum  

We want to thank you all so much for everything that you have done over the years for Millie. We have watched Millie develop into a confident, independent little girl and we thank you for helping Millie and supporting her in these areas. Millie has learnt and achieved so much during her time with you, and you all will be missed dearly. We would also like to thank you for supporting us with Millie's on-going medical problems. It has been a great comfort knowing Millie has been supported and cared for by you while she was at nursery.
Miss Kearns 

We are very pleased with My First Friends and Oliver's progression. The staff are very friendly and always make me feel happy when leaving Oliver on a morning. We cant thank you enough. Oliver has developed really well and this is with thanks to all the staff. Looking forward to the next few months. 
Mrs Perry

Just like to say that I am so pleased with the nursery. The staff are all so friendly and Dolly is obviously very happy here. Thank you.
Mrs Parkin

We are so happy with the service you provide. We do have peace of mind when Tianne is at nursery.
Mrs Kazhanje

Just to add that we are very happy with the support Ethan receives in Pre-school, and all the time and effort Kirsty and Amy have put into his learning.
Mrs Coles

Thank you foe all the support you've given to us since Emma joined. We are really pleased we chose My First Friends.
Mrs May

I and Nathaniel's dad feel that all the staff make every effort to develop Nate and encourage and support him. Thank you.
Miss Benson

Thank you for doing a lovely job.
Mrs Grantham

We are very pleased with how Emily is doing at nursery and find the nursery really professional and welcoming. Thank you.
Mrs Blackburn

Really happy with the nursery and the care they are providing.
Dr Tilley

Lovely nursery and staff. Grace loves coming. I hope she starts to open up to staff a bit more.
Miss Crisp

Thank you all for being a great team, you keep us well informed and always help with any issues we have.
Miss Benfield

We are very confident that Charlotte is in a happy environment which reflects in her personality when she comes home.
Miss Burnett

We are really pleased we chose My First Friends nursery. Archie has and still is developing amazingly. Really great staff all round from the class to reception, office and kitchen. 
 Mrs Hurcombe.

I am really pleased with all you are doing for Jack and how is progressing. Thank you.
Miss Harper 

Thank you, Max has settled well into nursery and the staff have been wonderful in reassuring me and Max. Amy and Ruheda have been wonderful. We feel happier going to work knowing he is in safe hands.
Mrs Bowen

We would like to say a special thank you to Natalie and Stacey, they make us confident that Nathaniel has a happy and productive/fun time at nursery. They are fantastic 
Mrs Walkley

Well informed, the newsletter is great. Lovely friendly helpful staff
Mrs Sutton 

We are still very happy and Oliver is, he still loves nursery. All the staff are brilliant. Thank you 
Mrs Perry

 We felt that Parent's evening was very informative and were impressed with the learning journal and it is good to hear she is settling in well. 
Miss Young 

Parents Evening April 2016 Feedback 

Thank you, Max is making super progress and really enjoys coming to nursery. 
Mrs Bowen

I love My First Friends, they could not do anymore for Cody. Thank you for making me go to work so much easier knowing that he is at nursery having a great day with "My First Friends"
Miss Kearney

Did you find the parents evening useful and informative?

Yes I found it really interesting seeing how far he has come along


Are there any comments or suggestions you would like to make?

We are really pleased with Louie’s progress in his first few months. Staff are helpful and have a great understanding of the children and their needs.


Are there any other comments or suggestions you would like to make?

Well done keep up the good work, lovely helpful staff excellent communication


Is there anything you feel we could do to improve our parents evening?

No, Fantastic parents evening, very relaxed atmosphere.


Are there any other comments or suggestions you would like to make?

More parents evenings they are lovely

Thank you for making Louie's nursery progression so easy. You filled us with confidence and Louie adores you and will miss you loads. 

Hayley and Jamie

Please could you pass our thanks on to the staff for a great day. It was lovely to hear such wonderful things about each child. Could you also pass on how grateful Jon and i are for all the care shown to Harry during his time with you. He will miss you, and i think we will too. 

Jamie Evans

Thank you all so much for the love and care you have shown for Ronny and all of us. Thank you Steve for cooking fab food, especially the flapjack. 

Julie and Ronnie 

Thank you for all you have done for Tallulah and for always being approachable and friendly


Thank you for having me and looking after me. I have had an awesome time