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Keeping you informed

Babies who attend our nursery have a personalised diary sheet, which we hand over and discuss with you at the end of each day. This contains all the information you’ll want to know about your child – such as how much they ate and drank, how many naps they had – even how many times they had their nappy changed. No detail is too small or insignificant. From the age of one, we give you verbal feedback on a daily basis. However should you wish to receive written feedback at the end of the day speak to a member of the team and this can be arranged for you.

Practitioners at the setting will keep you informed of your child’s development through regular parents evenings, nursery events and our open door policy. Regular parents’ evenings are held throughout the year, giving you the opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have about your child, and allowing us to update you on their progress in greater detail.

As a setting we will over the coming months be using a first steps app, which will enable parents/carers to view how their child/children has been at nursery that day. They will also be able to view their child/children's online learning journey.